Barmer Tour

Barmer Tour

Barmer was founded around the 12 th century. It forms the border area of India-Pakistan. A major attraction for the tourists, it is the centre for wood carving, carpets, embroidery, block printing and other handicrafts. The products made here are popular throughout India. Two annual fairs are celebrated in Barmer; the Barmer Thar festival in early March and the Barmer cattle fair in March/April.

Although a barren lands with harsh climate and rough terrain, Barmer is known for its rich crafts, dances and music. One on the ancient camel trade route the town is now the center for wood carving, pottery carpets intricate embroidery work block printed fabrics and multi-hued traditional costumes. Especially famous are the geometric ajrak prints in dark shades of red and blue, ideal for protection against the sun. The most interesting part of trips to Barmer is the journey through rural Rajasthan. The small villages with mud-walled houses decorated with delicate folk motifts and colorfully attired people on the way offer a fascinating sight.

Places to See:
Mahaveer Park : Mahaveer park is a beautifully laid out park with a tiny museum housing ancient stone carved statues.

Safed Akhara : Safed Akhara (Sidheswara Mahadev Temple Complex) is a tiny yet pretty garden near Barmer, Temporary accommodation and cooking facilities are available. Neemari : Neemari is another picturesque garden on chohatan route, 23km away from Barmer. An old swimming pools is an attraction.

Fairs & Festivals:
Tilwara Cattle Fair (March-April) : A major cattle fair lasting a fortnight, held in village Tilwara. Nakoda Parasvanath (Dec. - Jan.) :The festival held in Mevanagar village commemorating the birth anniversary of Parsvanath.

Veeratara Mela : Held at Veeratara (12 Km from village Chohatan) the fair venerates goddess Vakladevi and is held thrice a year in the month of Chaitra, Bhadrapada and Magha.

Khed Fair (Aug.-Sep.) : A big religious fair is held on the day of full moon in village Khed.

A veritable shopper's paradise, Barmer is treasure trove of vibrantly coloured embroidery with excellent mirror work. Also famous are beautifully embroidered fabrics and pouches, often patterned with tiny mirrors. Traditional rugs, blankets, shawls, carpets, 'Pattius' Dari in typical Barmer colours and weave, are a speciality of the region. The shopping spots include the tiny shops along the narrow lanes of the colourful and lively Sadar Bazaar.

How to Reach:
Air : Nearest airport, Jodhpur.
Rail : Connected with Jodhpur. Some important train connection are 4808 Barmer Express (Barmer-Jodhpur) 4898 Barmer Express (Barmer-Jodhpur).
Road : Barmer is well connected with all major cities in the state. The bus stand is situated near Railway Station and Tilak Bus Stand connects Barmer with Jodhpur.